Saturday, January 7, 2012

Beyond the Watching Skies

This piece is special in many ways, not least because it's the last poem I began in my very busy 2011 and the first one I completed in 2012. What a journey it all has been, and what a way to mark it - with a poem about the beginning of a journey...

The glimmer of the aircraft's wings;
the shimmer of the breaking sea:
we pierce the cloudy canopy.

Take my hand,

We fly, we rise, we ride the dark,
we dare the brazen, flaming lights;
we'll hide somewhere beneath the stars
beyond the watching skies at night.

step out with me;

The clouds our floor, the winds our walls,
unbound, the world beneath our wills,
the fearful sun behind the hills.

close your eyes.

A tremor, yes, a trembling heart:
a kite of steel a-sway at night.
All dark, all smiles, a lovely start,
but rest for now until the light.

... and more than half a year later I return to find that yet another wonderful poetry site has closed down? What a year it's been. Also posted at We Write Poems. More poems.


  1. I love how the rhythm carries me along as a I read this. Delightful!

  2. Sam, welcome to the best prompt site around - yes the Big tent and others are greatly missed, but lots more have sprung up. Look in at dVerse Poets and Margo Roby, Poetic Blooms and loads more to be found in my sidebar.

    I just love your poem, and the form suits it very well.

  3. Sam I don't believe I have ever taken a more enjoyable flight on one of the sky's aluminum monsters. I spent a good part of my life with one strapped to my back and you made it poetic. Thanks.

  4. Simply beautiful, Sam. It is a shame the Big Tent is gone, but WWP is an excellent alternative, and now there so many more as Viv said.


  5. Hello Sam.....thanks for your words...nicely done...looking for more

  6. Hi Sam, you've captured a nice feeling of flight.